God Among Men

The God Among Men oil has been formulated according to inspired alchemy received by The Seer during a visionary dream. It is designed to imbue the wearer with masculine strength and a clear vision. Limited edition; while supplies last

Healing the Messages of the DNA : God & Goddess Blend Special

For the repair of the masculine and feminine expression as dictated by the messages of the DNA. An Alchemical Oil Special to Support the Healing of the DNA Ceremony, to be held on May 26, 2024; Goddess Blend and Blend of the Gods together, for the price of one, while supplies last.

Holy Mother

It requires divine guidance to steer our families through times of great change. A mother's love, embodied within the alchemy of the special oil is the anchor that will prevent our families from being led away from a path of wholesomeness. Limited edition; while supplies last