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The Power of Belvaspata

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By popular request, The Seer has created an alchemical oil to enhance the benefits of the sacred healing modality – Belvaspata.

The alchemy is designed to restore the Song of the Self, which in turn supports wholeness and strengthens the immune system.

This alchemical oil elevates the function of the endocrine system to convey subtle communications through the body. It can be worn anytime.

Carry the power of Belvaspata with you by wearing this oil during your daily activities, on a bodily pulse point of your choice. It is to be worn on the body only (not on a fragrance pad necklace, or a lava bracelet, etc.) because the pulse is its energy source.

The oil is similarly applied as an anointing prior to Belvaspata initiation by Belvaspata Practitioners.

Application for Healing Session: Place a drop of this oil on the third eye of the client before beginning a healing session. In case of long-distance healing, the Belvaspata master may apply this oil in the same location on themself on behalf of their client.

Application for *Initiations: The oil will be applied beforehand by the initiator on the third eye of the initiate or applied for oneself, prior to performing a self-initiation.

There are only two possible methods of initiation.
1. In person with a master or grand master of Belvaspata
2. Self-initiation, mentored by a master or grand master of Belvaspata.

Playing the Belvaspata music within the vicinity of the oil will enhance and revitalize the ability of the oil to strengthen the Belvaspata power.

Question: Those of us who regularly enjoy the benefits of being Belvaspata practitioners would really love to know how the alchemy effectively enhances The Power of Belvaspata. Would you mind explaining, please?

The Seer: About an arm’s length in front of the navel there is an indentation in the luminous cocoon that surrounds the energy fields of the body. When the body’s frequencies are disrupted (its song of the self becomes distorted) energy is lost through this location.
The oil allows the body’s fields to fill this area of energy leakage.

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