Welcome to Fragrance Alchemy

In the ancient city of Luxor, on the West Bank of the Nile, a devoted family has kept alive the ancient traditions of blending fragrant oils fit for kings. Regarded by them as their life’s mission, the secret formulas of these exceptional fragrance oils, have been passed down from generation to generation with meticulous care.

The present day accessibility of sources from many lands, has expanded the selection of precious oils — blended according to the ancient Egyptian traditions. The rose fragrance oil, has deepened its ambience, by blending together Moroccan, Egyptian, Ethiopian and Bulgarian rose oils. The sultry fragrance of our Goddess blend uses rose absolute from India, lily from Egypt, plumeria from Hawaii, with overtones of fruit obtained from oils from Bali. The unparalleled result of these artful combinations, are sought after treasures that have attracted a global demand.

….when I opened the bottle of lotus oil, its intoxicating fragrance filled the air, and I felt as though it unveiled the mystery of romance itself.

— Cecelia
South Africa