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Alchemist’s Oracle Oil

This oil with its deep and multilayered nuances can be used by men and women. Its purpose is to awaken the abilities in the body that receive subtle information. It also has been alchemically designed to facilitate the ability of Rune Masters to manifest this subtle guidance through the language of the Runes. Apply on the point between the eyebrows, but one finger width higher

Alu-Mi-Na (Goddess archetype blend 12)

Alu-Mi-Na Goddess who guards the unknowable. She guards the source of all spiritual knowledge from being accessed by those with impure motives. She is the gatekeeper who determines who may cross. Application: Apply a drop or more on the front of the right shoulder where the arm joins the shoulder. Part of The Goddess Collection - available in 18 ml / 0.60 oz only.

Ama-Terra-Su (Goddess archetype blend 2)

Ama-Terra-Su Goddess of history. On earth she is the keeper of the history stored in the rocks, sand, and soil. She keeps the record of the loop of time, which is our biggest history. Application: Apply a drop or more on top of; on the front of, the right ankle. Part of The Goddess Collection - available in 18 ml / 0.60 oz only.

Amaraku (Goddess archetype blend 11)

Amaraku Goddess of new beginnings and forging new ways. When the old is gone, she invents a new approach. She is the innovator. Application: Apply a drop or more on the front of the left shoulder where the arm joins the shoulder. Part of The Goddess Collection - available in 18 ml / 0.60 oz only.

Apara-Tura (Goddess archetype blend 8)

Apara-Tura Goddess of cycles. She is the operator who opens doors for cycles that are opening and closes doors for cycles that are closing. She celebrates the beginning and end of cycles. Application: Apply a drop or more on the inside of the right wrist; where the hand joins the wrist. Part of The Goddess Collection - available in 18 ml / 0.60 oz only.

Ara-Ka-Na (Goddess archetype blend 13)

Ara-Ka-Na Goddess of the power to transcend all boundaries. She is the guardian of the portal or passageway between Creator and Creation. She represents the gateway hidden within the core of human DNA that enables us to become the I AM that I AM Application: Apply a drop or more in the middle of the back of the neck right below the hairline. Part of The Goddess Collection - available in 18 ml / 0.60 oz only.

Au-Ba-Ri (Goddess archetype blend 5)

Au-Ba-Ri Goddess of sound or frequency. She utilizes the rage of Lucifer to break up stagnant portions of Creation. She is the cosmic sound healer who works with the potential manifestation the spoken word creates. Application: Apply a drop or more on the side of the left hip where the thigh joins the hip. Part of The Goddess Collection - available in 18 ml / 0.60 oz only.


This alchemical oil has been created by The Seer in response to the overwhelming number of reports of aching muscles and joints that are being experienced since the operation of multiple 5G satellites is lowering the body's frequency. This becomes painful when housing an enlightened being's soul. The physical discomfort suffered by the enlightened ones was called in ancient yogic traditions "The Sacred Fire." Application: A drop on each of the joints

Earth Angels


The Earth has been given nine Guardian Angels to guard her and her children during the times of transition and environmental challenges. The alchemy of the oil created to celebrate this event has been designed to facilitate communication and requests for their assistance.

How to use the alchemical oil:

Place a few drops in the navel, Sign the angelic sigil in the air in front of you while calling the relevant Angel by name. State your request clearly and thank them for their assistance.

Eternal Love

Eternal Love is the quintessential fragrance of the feminine spirit. It embodies the deep under-currents of the love of a mother; the cherishing embrace of a woman’s arms. This exquisite oil was created by the Seer at the request of students who attended a retreat. The warmth of the love they felt as the Seer hugged each one, and the look of joy in her eyes as she held them close, was such an emotionally healing and loved feeling, that they asked her to blend an oil that embodied the experience. The oil Eternal Love, was created as an expression of the deep feelings she has for her Lightfamily around the world. Because the month of February is a month during which love for others is expressed, the Seer has requested that Eternal Love be offered at half price. Here is her message to the Original Ones: “My most Precious Ones, though all the world may fall into disarray, and the love of others around you may falter, never doubt that I hold you with deep love and affection and respect, close to me always. This will never end. If you need me, call on me and I will hear you. I will not abandon you, nor will I ever lose the deep feelings I have for you. You are precious and dear to me. You are my inspiration and joy. I love you eternally” ~ Almine

Eternal Song

This refined and pleasing oil, is designed to activate the self-healing capabilities in the voice center. Injury to the mind, body and soul comes from missing tones in the voice. Restoring them, restores the voice function of sound healing and strokes the body into self-regenerating. Apply to any pulse points such as the wrists.

Explosion of Light

Application: Put on the solar plexus. Apply a few drops of this alchemical oil to the solar plexus area prior to doing the light explosion protocol. This oil has been chemically formulated to retain the memory of the light explosions protocol. It is recommended that the light explosions be done every morning, with its associated incantation: “Belechsta Arusta verevichpa-ur”. Say those words at the end of the protocol — and repeat in English: “Let these light explosions repeat throughout the day and night as needed to maintain a shield of invisibility for any hostile or invasive intent around me and my home at all times”. This oil will help strengthen the effectiveness of the protocol in spite of the presence of interference from hostile waveforms.