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Ka-Li-Ma (Goddess archetype blend 3)

Ka-Li-Ma Goddess of equity and destroyer of illusion. She brings balance by creating potentialities that can compensate for distortions that create karma. Application: Apply a drop or more behind the left knee. Part of The Goddess Collection - available in 18 ml / 0.60 oz only.

Lion of Judah

A distinguished and sophisticated fragrant oil, it makes a statement of self-assured masculine strength and achievement. The fresh fragrance of tangerine mingled with the earthiness of spices creates its distinctive quality.

Magic Rose Fairy

We are very delighted to announce the advent of the new blend, the Magic Rose Fairy, created by the seer to restore the Magic in our Hearts and the Lightness of Glad Expectations in our steps through eternity. The message of the seer at this time of destructuring being experienced on earth:
It is essential that the great light-bearers of the planet keep their faith in the perfection of unfolding life, and illuminate this time of despair with their Ray of Hope. The Ray of Hope is the gift of the Gods to humanity. It is born of the Eternal Perspective of the Ancient Ones and the understanding that this too shall pass, and the memory of it be as a mere freckle on the face of time. This blend was given to me in the night during the magic time between awakening and dreaming, by an exquisite little creature, who left her fragrance behind on my pillow after she left. May it restore your Joy and Gladden your Hearts, my beloved light family. With Love and Gratitude, Almine

Ori-Ka-La (Goddess archetype blend 4)

Ori-Ka-La Goddess of prophecy with the farseeing eye. She is the oracle and holder of the key to changing the future. Application: Apply a drop or more behind the right knee. Part of The Goddess Collection - available in 18 ml / 0.60 oz only.

Pana-Tura (Goddess archetype blend 1)

Pana-Tura Goddess of germination: the Mother. She is the essence of life-giving energy that births into form. She midwifes potentialities into materialization. Application: Apply a drop or more on top of; on the front of, the left ankle. Part of The Goddess Collection - available in 18 ml / 0.60 oz only.

Peaceful Presence

This oil is dedicated to the Holy Ones who walk amongst humanity silently, bringing the gift of their peaceful presence. The deep floral notes of Lotus flowers deliver a feeling of surrendered trust. The oil is applied in the hollow of the neck (front of the neck). The indent in your collar bone, where it meets the neck.

Power of the One

This potent alchemical oil has been blended by the Seer from five oils, sourced from countries around the Globe, as revealed in a vision. Each ingredient captures the essential power of an element, held within the oil and released by the alchemy. In combing the five awakened ingredients in exactly the correct order and proportions, a powerful blend is born that awakens the Self-Sustaining qualities of self-sovereign mastery. The body becomes a cauldron, or receptacle, for the alchemy of embodied power.

Realms of Innocence

The purpose of the Alchemy of this oil, is to enhance the capacity of the extra-sensory perceptions that enable self-guidance. Worn on the third eye, it opens the gateway between Outer and Inner space ( know as the Realms of Innocence ). This allows the subtle experiences of Inner space to communicate non-cognitive information that exceeds the limitations of mind. Although its magical properties can be released to the wearer when worn anywhere on the body, its optimal placement is on the 3rd eye.

Refined Light

Refined Light. A limited edition oil for the holiday season. This subtle and exquisite alchemical oil has to be experienced to be understood. It is a limited-edition oil that has been produced in a miraculous way. A Christmas Special offer! While supplies last! We will start shipping this oil after January 2nd.

Secret Garden 2

The uplifting fragrance of poppy, orange blossoms, Somalian rose and a subtle overtone of the fresh scent of pear, makes this an unforgettable feminine scent. It’s delicate message is one of lighthearted play.


Placed in the area of the navel, this alchemical oil brings the warmth of a feeling of completion that is experienced by a fetus in the womb. Surrounded by a supportive cocoon within its mother’s body, the baby experiences the wholeness and love of life ushering in a new beginning. In those moments the baby experiences itself as a priceless gift of hope to the world. The alchemy of this oil surrounds the user with a cocoon of self-love.


This optimistic fragrant alchemical oil, has been called by some “liquid sunshine". Place it in the middle of the two scapulae; in the center of your two shoulder blades. It has been alchemically formulated to instill the self-trust that reminds you “my being is my sustenance”. It is a reminder that even if the worst of your fears may manifest, the loving arms of the Infinite will lift you up and over your hardships as long as you trust the guidance of the still voice within.