The Oils of High Magic


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(6 customer reviews)

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An essential tool for the masters who are preparing for the stage beyond Resurrection — the limitless life of Incorruptible White Light; a life of High Magic.

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This set includes the following 8 oils:

  1. Oasis Sunset (Masculine)
    This fragrance is alchemically enhanced to activate High Magic on the material plane, and to yield experiential wisdom. It helps to integrate activity and inactivity — a quality essential to the practitioner of High Magic. It can be used to assist the Runemaster in gaining insights from the Rune set of Arkbar.
  2. Prince of Egypt (Masculine)
    This fragrance, although masculine, appeals to women as well because of its deep, rich and mystical qualities. It enhances perception, and helps the practitioner of High Magic gain the necessary perspective to see beyond the illusion of permanence and transience. It is alchemically enhanced to facilitate learning to love without pain.
  3. Velvet Nights (Feminine)
    This enchanting fragrance with its floral overtones increases the tonal luminosity the master radiates. It is designed to strengthen the practitioner of High Magic’s ability to work with the tools of love and light. It helps heal the illusion of the separation of life-enhancing and non-life-enhancing by exposing the Oneness of all life that exists beyond the appearances.
  4. Seven Veils (Feminine)
    The alchemy of this mystical oil from Cairo, is a powerful tool to assist the practitioner of High Magic to gain the necessary awareness to move through the seven initiations into mastery. These initiations challenge the truth seeker to overcome the illusions of “hidden” and “evident”. When used in conjunction with the Luxor blend, it assists the Runemaster to gain insights from the Rune set of Prutbar.
  5. Moonlight Garden (Feminine)
    The delightful fresh fragrance is alchemically enhanced to boost life-force and provide the energy needed for higher consciousness and High Magic. Enhancing the power of intent, it gifts vitality to all in its environment. Highly recommended as a tool of consciousness.
  6. Essence of Magic (Feminine)
    Elevating vision to see beyond the illusion of time, it helps dissolve the chains that bind from the past. This releases power to the practitioner to create change by changing within. The alchemy is designed to create change in the large picture thereby releasing available power to manifest the new. It is a powerful aid for manifestation — especially when used in conjunction with affirmations.
  7. Desert Dawn (Feminine)
    This fragrant oil has the unique properties of instilling self-confidence and promoting self-sovereignty. It promotes authenticity and enhances the poise of a master. When preparing for a life of High Magic, confidence in the outcome of expressed intention births faith. This fragrance can assist in gathering clear answers from the Rune field of Harasut, especially when used with the blend, Hathor.
  8. Starlight on Aswan (Feminine)
    This fragrant oil has overtones of citrus and spice. Its alchemy assists with the birth of the Immaculate White Light reality when used in conjunction with the Merkaba of Resurrection. It enhances the Runemasters’ ability to work with the eighth Rune set of the field of Mistel, especially when used with the blend, the Secret of Nefertiti.

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6 reviews for The Oils of High Magic

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Anita Lucia Zarkel (verified owner)

    These oils are like none other! Feels like I don’t have to eat anymore…just smell the oils and I am fully nourished and sated! I am getting such amazing feedback from my clients who have bought them, and all seem to feel these have very distinct activating qualities. I wear them at night too during sleep, with the sub-personality blends, and my body feels increasingly fluid. AMAZING OILS! All praise and love and gratitude to dear Almine!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    These oils are truly magnificent! I am absolutely in love with them. Every time I apply them to the points I feel this euphoria that flows through my body and out into the room! Thank you so much for bringing these to us all! Much Love, Olivia

  3. Rated 5 out of 5 (verified owner)

    From the moment I placed the order for these oils, I have felt their power.
    Upon using them in the last 3 days, much has changed for me. There is a very rapid transfiguration occurring and dissolving density is becoming effortless. Together with the use of the Resurrection Merkaba it has totally changed my reality!

    Much gratitude, love and praise.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5 (verified owner)

    These High Magic Oils are truly powerful magic in a bottle! When I received them I could feel their potency. When I opened and smelled them I began to vibrate and chills permeated my body! When I put them on each power point, I felt a surge go through me and every hair was standing up! 🙂 I could feel all my senses and inner abilities start to heighten. You can smell the profound power in these oils. I love all the fragrance alchemy but these oils are truly extraordinary! There is a familiarity to them also. I wake up and put them on and then again before I go to sleep. I get excited like a child at times at their true significance and what potential magic they will ignite within us. Thank you Almine! Thank you Ronni! LGPST

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    magnoliapinto (verified owner)

    I feel let’s say ready and ordered these powerful gifts today.

    I’m excited!

    My heart dances with joy!

    It’s like I already feel them.

    Immense gratitude to everyone who made this possible.

    I love you Almine💓

    Love Praise and Gratitude to the Infinite.
    Gratitude for all pur Light Family.

    I will share my experience here soon.
    Heart hugs,


  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    magnoliapinto (verified owner)

    Oh waaaw I so L💓O💓O💓O💓O💓O💓VE these oils and their almost indescribable smell of intens beauty and love.
    A gentle ,subtle but to me powerful flow goes trough my whole being.
    My deep gratitude for these gifts.
    💓Love 💓Praise💓 Gratitude💓

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