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How Long to Use Bath Salts?

Sacred Space bath salts

How long do you need to use the Sacred Space EMF Repair Bath Salts and how do you know the damage caused by EMF has been repaired?

The Seer:
At some point during your eternal journey as an individuated being, you come to a stage where you are no longer made of atomic matter. It is called the Field of the One.

When you enter that stage, the atomic matrix that gets disrupted by EMF bombardment, and the atomic fields that are generated by the electron atomic particles disappear. The atomic electromagnetic fields hold the EMF pollution, the reason why even buildings can retain EMF pollution. Then we have to revisit the issue as to whether there is any need to continue using it. Logically I don’t see why it would be needed, because you should become impervious to EMF damage. I have learnt over the years that when a tool is given through direct revelation, it’s purpose evolves instead of growing redundant.

Additional thoughts:

  • I have previously given the light-hearted answer that if you no longer need to brush your teeth then you’ll know that you’re free from atomic consequences and the need to clear the atomic fields of EMF pollution.
  • As to your question of when will the damage to the cellular matrix be healed (something the salts do). Considering the fact that you’re still subject to it, the answer would be: not while daily the air is filled with additional EMF bombardment. It takes two years to show up as damage to the mental and emotional aspects of the individual. But the daily exposure to it continues, and due to satellites there’s hardly a place on Earth it isn’t so.

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