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Almine in extreme silence Questions


With Almine in extreme silence, and no longer accessible, how will this affect Fragrance Alchemy?

Question from our resellers:
Will she blend oils beforehand and then leave it all to Tina to look after? Should we get things organized? Please let me know what to expect. Even with Bath Salts, should I put an email out to my clients to tell them to get a years supply, for example?

Ronni used to manage the distribution of oils and will again be available to stand in as needed. I will continue to blend oils intermittently as needed… it will not interrupt my silence. Tina will continue to fill orders and ship Bath Salts and oils to resellers as requested.

What about personal blends?

Hours are being spent by myself and my support team to wrap things up in an orderly manner, including keeping our previous commitments. My complete isolation will possibly not be in full force till January 1st 2020. All personal blends ordered will be able to be created by myself. After the New Year there may be a slightly longer (no more than ten days) delay than usual to create your personal blend, but I will be continuing to blend oils? it will not interrupt my silence and will continue to be a labor of love for me and a joyous inspiration.

What about the healing oil orders ?

The different aspects and products of Spiritual Journeys, are still in the process of being evaluated bit by bit, but at this point it appears that this is the only Fragrance Alchemy product that is being affected by the changes.

Previously: the healing oil was accompanied by an audio addressed to the student ordering the oil in order to have self-responsibility. Although the healing oil was blessed generically by the Seer, the audio message was individually created for the specific student. This will no longer be the case.

Now: The oil will be individually blessed for the student’s ailments. But there will no longer be an audio message accompanying the oil. The price will remain the same as before.

Please note:
All orders for personal prophecies and healing oils ordered prior to today will be filled in the previous way, though there may be a slight delay. Jewelry pieces will be specifically blessed for the individual by the Seer as before.

With Praise, Love and Gratitude

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