The Song of The High Heart


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There are two acupressure points that have been lost to the knowledge of man for centuries. These are called the two resurrection points, because of the important role they play in preparing the recipient for resurrection. One point is two finger widths above the navel. This point uses lotus oil. The other point, even more important, since it serves as a bridge between inner and outer space, is the point of the high heart, three finger widths below the hollow at the base of the neck. A very delicate balance of oils has been received and prepared for the Song of The High Heart.

Although at present our stock of these oils is limited, we are able to fulfill some orders at this time.

We offer with great pride this special and beautiful oil available in 18 ml / 0.60 oz only.

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Valentine's Day Special

A free Valentine's gift from Almine with every purchase! Available immediately as long as supplies last. Shipped with your order of any oil (including healing oils), you will receive as our gift the exquisite music CD, Children of the Sun.

May your romance with life be rekindled this Valentine's Day and forever, with love and hugs, ~Almine

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2 reviews for The Song of The High Heart

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Anita Lucia Zarkel (verified owner)

    Song of the High Heart is the most potent of all the FA oils, in my experience. It changes my state of being the moment I place it on the acupuncture point for its indicated use. The FA oils are alchemical in how they operate, meaning that the effects could not be achieved through ‘ordinary’ means. This oil seems to cause all other oils to express higher functions too!

    Not only is it amazing for its power, the fragrance is out of this world! I’ve never smelled anything like it! Not a day goes by that I don’t apply it repeatedly… ~ Anita

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brett (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for this Oil! I have used it multiple times now and I feel the wave of alchemical energy the moment I put it on. The Song of The High Heart Oil has helped me with various levels of my expression and connecting those areas back to uplifting attitudes. It was my great joy to discover that the Oil also helped connect my sexuality to my High Heart so they are aligned. Who knows what other wonderful things this oil can accomplish!

    I highly recommend this Oil to anyone who wishes to become more attuned with their innate heart song and become better acquainted with the utter uniqueness your Self has to express. Thanks a bunch Almine and all involved who helped produce this Oil. Fabulously magical! 🙂

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