Personalized Blend (33 ml)


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This unique personalized blend will be created through a deep connection with your essence.

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4 reviews for Personalized Blend (33 ml)

  1. Doris, Switzerland

    I would like to thank Almine for my personal fragrance. I only get compliments to the fact that I smell nice and it makes me feel good.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I received the Personalized Blend as a surprise gift from a friend, and had the digital version of the accompanying sigil before receiving the oil in the mail… just working with the sigil was very powerful; and having just received the oil today, I am Blown AWAY by the potency and immediate grace of the field created as it was applied! I do not recall ever describing a fragrance as radiant before, however it feels accurately descriptive for this exquisite blend.

    After working with essential oils for years, I am astonished at the quality, potency, completeness and grace in clearing using Fragrance Alchemy since my introduction last summer; these oils are of a caliber beyond comparison. I have been using the Egyptian Oils daily since, and a multiplicity of issues have cleared with utmost ease and grace. I recognize and treasure this most sacred tool of Fragrance Alchemy as a priceless, elegant, effortless, potent, supportive resource for this unfolding journey… it is a great blessing to have access to this sacred method at this monumental, potential-filled time in evolution. Gratitude to Almine, for the constant, brilliant inspirations, and to All those who make the sharing of Fragrance Alchemy possible!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    jenniferevette69 (verified owner)

    I believe the instructions for this blend is important – it is a fabulous point that makes me more excited that I purchased this particular one. Courtesy of Almine <3 : 1. All of our products present themselves to me in visions and dreams. The visions around personal blends indicated that the objective of a personal blend is to peel away the layers of illusion gracefully. The blend should function this way for life. If there is a specific area you want its benefits focused on, you can request that at the time of ordering. Otherwise these transformational effects are broadly experienced throughout your life. Because its function is to remove the obsolete in your life as gracefully and easily as possible, you may not notice how people and circumstances fall away in your life over a year; how your focus shifts and your values change.

    2. Personal blends have subtle influences to help you see through illusion. And it works on your environment… This is much more difficult to discern than something that alters you directly (transmutational).

    3. If you store your blend on its sigil, it should not lose power from radiation or geopathic stress.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Christina (verified owner)

    My personal blend is so exquisite and delicious….and I can´t stop smelling it! 🙂 I think I may go through the bottle too quickly as my being just wants to soak it in to my cells so that I can become the scent. I can smell the heavenly Rose fragrance in it. Thank you so much Almine I am in love with it and of course it is perfect for me! LGPT xx

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