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The Oils of High Magic

An essential tool for the masters who are preparing for the stage beyond Resurrection - the limitless life of Incorruptible White Light; a life of High Magic. Oils 1, 2, and 3 enable access to ‘the Unknowable’. Oils 4, 5, and 6 assist access to the body of information called ‘the Unfathomable’. Oils 7, 8, and 9 facilitate access to the information known as ‘the Inconceivable’. Oils 10, 11 and 12 assist access to Unarticulated Potential.NEW
Please note: The High Magic oil set sells as 3.5 ml and 18 ml. If you wish to buy a single High Magic oil, it is sold in an 18 ml size only. Click on the name of the oil in the Description below to visit that individual oil.

The Peaceful Warrior (The Administrator)

The ability to organize and structure change in a graceful way is enhanced by the alchemy of this oil. It embodies the epitome of poise and grace. Change as a predictable constant in life unfolding, loses its fearful hold on the individual who faces it with the confidence of an intrepid explorer on an unknown adventure. To be placed on both wrists (a finger width above the joint of the hand and wrist). Part of The Front to Back Axis - available in 18 ml / 0.60 oz only.

The Power of Belvaspata

By popular request, The Seer has created an alchemical oil to enhance the benefits of the sacred healing modality - Belvaspata. The alchemy is designed to restore the Song of the Self, which in turn supports wholeness and strengthens the immune system. This alchemical oil elevates the function of the endocrine system to convey subtle communications through the body. It can be worn anytime. Carry the power of Belvaspata with you by wearing this oil during your daily activities, on a bodily pulse point of your choice. It is to be worn on the body only (not on a fragrance pad necklace, or a lava bracelet, etc.) because the pulse is its energy source. The oil is similarly applied as an anointing prior to Belvaspata initiation by Belvaspata Practitioners. Check the description below for application. This oil is specifically designed for Belvaspata Practitioners (Masters/Grandmasters) to use on their clients or themselves.

Unified Field of the Earth/Heart Connection

A resurrected master functions from all 24 chakras. This alchemical oil facilitates the activation of the lower 12 chakras. Application: Apply a few drops around the sacrum area.

Ur-U-Ama (Goddess archetype blend 10)

Ur-U-Ama Goddess of creativity and inspiration. She knows true art inspires altered perception and that life should be lived creatively. Application: Apply a drop or more on the inside of the right elbow (also called the crook of the arm). Part of The Goddess Collection - available in 18 ml / 0.60 oz only.

Velvet Nights

This enchanting fragrance with its floral overtones increases the tonal luminosity the master radiates. It is designed to strengthen the practitioner of High Magic’s ability to work with the tools of love and light. It helps heal the illusion of the separation of life-enhancing and non-life-enhancing by exposing the Oneness of all life that exists beyond the appearances. Part of The Oils of High Magic - available in 18 ml / 0.60 oz only.

Wings of Rapture

This extremely sacred and powerful oil dissolves the illusion of the One and the Many. Along with the eighth oil, it prepares the Grandmaster of the Runes to access the body of information known as ‘The Inconceivable’ from the Ninth Field of the One. Part of The Oils of High Magic - available in 18 ml / 0.60 oz only.