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Sacred Space Alchemical Oil

Sacred Space Alchemical Oil for EMF Protection

The Sacred Space oil works in conjunction with the Sacred Space bathsalts to clear and combat the detrimental effects of the hostile electromagnetic (EMF) waveforms we are continuously being bombarded with from cell towers, cellphones and numerous other sources. This unisex fragrance has the therapeutic effect described by Dr James Cotrell as “helping the immune system to regulate its vitality .. and to refresh to patterns in the brain“ (The Complete New Age Health Guide). The Sacred Space bath salts support the function of the oil by clearing the memory of the distorting pollution from the atomic magnetic field generated by the electrons.
EMF protection t-shirt

Sacred Space EMF Protection T-Shirt (Empowered by Blessings From the Seer)

The sigil and words (the language means "illusion of invasion dissolve") on the t-shirt create an impenetrable field around your body that keeps EMF hostile waveforms away.
Sacred Space bath salts

Sacred Space EMF Repair & Protection Kit

The Sacred Space EMF Repair & Protection Kit includes:
  • Bath Salts (29.5 oz / ±0.85 kg)
  • Sacred Space T-Shirt (select your size below)
  • Sacred Space Oil (18 ml)
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Sacred Space bath salts

Sacred Space EMF Repair Bath Salts

The Seer in visionary dreams, sees a product, or a book, before it is produced. Such was the case with this powerful blend of naturally occurring salts, specifically designed oil blends from around the world, and organic herbs. It was suggested to her as something that should be created over many years, but she has firmly believed that if it is needed, it will be explained to her in a dream exactly how and when to produce it. The time for this powerful gift from the Infinite has finally come.