Like a beautiful woman or a sought-after car, the true intrinsic value of these oils lies beyond their obvious appeal; beyond their ability to elevate the mood or make an olfactory statement.

Behind the appearances, lies the untapped power of alchemy to promote the spiritual purification of a master. By awakening dormant centers in the body, spiritual abilities increase, emotional balance occurs, and well-being of the body is achieved through the unobstructed flow of life-force.

These exceptional oils prepared by the leading alchemist of our time, have for many years been the powerful tool of wholistic practitioners prepared to go beyond existing paradigms in their quest to facilitate health and well- being for their clients.

Metaphysicians, spiritual seekers and mystics have also availed themselves of the inherent power of these oils. The oils in this category offer instructional information for those who wish to look beyond the appearances.

Although all dis-ease and discomfort in body, mind and soul, are intricately connected, and cannot be segregated, the following functionality of the alchemy in the oils is categorized for convenience.

Instructions for most oil protocols are included. Staff support is available in case of questions.

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Alchemical Oils of the Five Elements Kit

The Alchemical Oils of the Five Elements Kit, consists of: Please check the individual items for a complete description.

Eternal Song

This refined and pleasing oil, is designed to activate the self-healing capabilities in the voice center. Injury to the mind, body and soul comes from missing tones in the voice. Restoring them, restores the voice function of sound healing and strokes the body into self-regenerating. Apply to any pulse points such as the wrists.

Fires of Inspiration (Fire Element)

The passion stirred by this alchemical oil, provides the impetus to follow our inspired vision, empowered by courage and self-confidence. It promotes inner strength and fortitude in the face of adversity.

Practitioner’s Kit

Get the full collection of 28 oils (see the description for specifics) in a practical and elegant Practitioner's Kit at a hugely discounted price. The larger kit for the serious practitioner offers 28 oils in 18ml bottles for $1,280 - at a $688 discount. The smaller Practitioner's Kit offers 28 oils in 3.5ml bottles for $280 - a savings of $147.

Rustle of Consciousness (Aether Element)

The powerful effects of this multi-dimensional oil, include inspired creativity, empathic communication and awakening the fuller power of the spoken word. It delivers its profound gifts by tapping into the current of consciousness arising from Infinite Intent.

Sacred Space Alchemical Oil for EMF Protection

The Sacred Space oil works in conjunction with the Sacred Space bathsalts to clear and combat the detrimental effects of the hostile electromagnetic (EMF) waveforms we are continuously being bombarded with from cell towers, cellphones and numerous other sources. This unisex fragrance has the therapeutic effect described by Dr James Cotrell as “helping the immune system to regulate its vitality .. and to refresh to patterns in the brain“ (The Complete New Age Health Guide). The Sacred Space bath salts support the function of the oil by clearing the memory of the distorting pollution from the atomic magnetic field generated by the electrons.

Song of the Earth (Earth Element)

This fresh fragrance with earthy undertones helps balance the tendency to resist change, and the inclination to become over-ambitious. It encourages flourishing through grateful acknowledgement of the gifts of the moment.

Summer Rain (Water Element)

This blend is experienced as movement between the multilayered notes of fragrance. Its alchemy is formulated to encourage the fluidity needed for a masterful life of grace.

The Breath of Spring (Wind Element)

This fragrant blend encourages the unencumbered freedom of authentic expression. It balances the wisdom of being true to your heart, with the compassionate consideration of the impact of actions on the Interconnectedness of all life.

The Front to Back Axis

This set contains the following four oils:
  • Blue Nile - The Survivor
  • The Peaceful Warrior - The Administrator
  • The Blue Rose - The Shaman
  • The Knight of Jericho - The Disruptor

The Harmonious Interaction of the Sub-personalities – The Horizontal Axis

This set contains the following four oils:
  • Elixir of the Golden Light - High Mind
  • Distant Horizons - Inner Adventurer
  • Song of the Dove - Inner Babe
  • The Dance in the Moonlight - Wild Woman

The Harmonious Interaction of the Sub-personalities – The Vertical Axis

This set contains the following four oils:
  • Blue Skies – Inner Child
  • Golden Flower – Inner Nurturer
  • Fountain of Life – Inner Sage
  • Liquid Gem – Inner Warrior