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The Harmonious Interaction of the Sub-personalities – The Vertical Axis

This set contains the following four oils:
  • Blue Skies – Inner Child
  • Golden Flower – Inner Nurturer
  • Fountain of Life – Inner Sage
  • Liquid Gem – Inner Warrior

The Knight of Jericho (The Disruptor)

This alchemical oil with its rich fragrance, is full of promise that it is possible to rise above the human condition into a life beyond imagining; a life full of masterful cooperation with the changing intent of creation; a fluid journey of power and vision through eternity. To be placed behind on both balls of the feet (two finger widths below the base of the toes; under the feet). Part of The Front to Back Axis - available in 18 ml / 0.60 oz only.

The Peaceful Warrior (The Administrator)

The ability to organize and structure change in a graceful way is enhanced by the alchemy of this oil. It embodies the epitome of poise and grace. Change as a predictable constant in life unfolding, loses its fearful hold on the individual who faces it with the confidence of an intrepid explorer on an unknown adventure. To be placed on both wrists (a finger width above the joint of the hand and wrist). Part of The Front to Back Axis - available in 18 ml / 0.60 oz only.