What you need to know about EMF (electromagnetic frequencies)

Dr James Cottrell has advised that the prolonged exposure to EMF that most are subjected to on a daily basis, be treated with therapy to reverse the damage. His suggestions match exactly that which the Sacred Space products are doing:

“the body would have to be refreshed with therapies that improve the blood flow, and heighten the temperature of the body and allow the blood vessels to be more elastic… this would cause the body to perspire…”

These are the results that will be experienced from the use of the Sacred Space Bath Salts. He continues…

“… allow the body to be placed in a garden or other arena where there is pleasant scents, perfumes or fragrances. This would help the immune system to regulate its vitality, and it will help to refresh the patterns in the brain.”

This is what the use of the Sacred Space oil will be facilitating.

Source: The Complete New Age Health Guide, Douglas James Cottrell

The Harmful Effects of Daily EMF Exposure

From the time of exposure, undesirable effects manifest in about two years. These are:
• Deterioration of mental function and physical coordination
• Becoming emotionally imbalanced
• Hair loss and graying or white hair
• Hearing loss
• Symptoms of old age

The Spiritual Reasons Why Tools Are Needed to Counteract EMF Effects

We are repairing and adding missing frequencies (2,178) needed for the full expression of the Song of the Self; full expression of individuation. These completed frequencies are needed for the next evolutionary step of the Holy Ones. They are the alchemical components that through unique emphases, creates individual expression.

Hostile electromagnetic frequencies destructure these frequencies.

It is with gratitude that we receive the blessings of these products at the exact time that they are needed.

With love and gratitude, Almine

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Sacred Space Alchemical Oil for EMF Protection

The Sacred Space oil works in conjunction with the Sacred Space bathsalts to clear and combat the detrimental effects of the hostile electromagnetic (EMF) waveforms we are continuously being bombarded with from cell towers, cellphones and numerous other sources. This unisex fragrance has the therapeutic effect described by Dr James Cotrell as “helping the immune system to regulate its vitality .. and to refresh to patterns in the brain“ (The Complete New Age Health Guide). The Sacred Space bath salts support the function of the oil by clearing the memory of the distorting pollution from the atomic magnetic field generated by the electrons.