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The Masculine Collection

This carefully selected set of masculine oils — represents the many moods of masculine expression. From the bold and adventuresome, to the subtle and sophisticated, their range of discovery presents an enticing adventure of discovery he will love to explore. Whether meant as a gift, or a resellers marketing tool, this product gives exceptional value for the price. (call Ronni at +1-541-272-7730 to discuss resellers options)


This delicious fragrant blend, rich in masculine appeal and virility, is a blend of oils from India and the Orient that has been renowned for their role in awakening the rising of the sexual energy known as kundalini. It is a delightful masculine oil.


Patchouli has for decades been a globally sought after masculine fragrance. It’s musky scent embodies self-confidence and masculine potency. A derivative of the dried leaves of the patchouli plant, it is widely used to add a spicy note to many costly, and sophisticated male perfumes from around the world.

Reseller Starter Kit

Share with the world the profound effects of these wonderful Egyptian oils by getting a Reseller Starter Kit. At a substantially discounted price you will be equipped to get started with your own business by henceforth buying at exclusive reseller prices and get the business support you need. This kit contains all the feminine and masculine fragrances. Please email [email protected] for information.

God Among Men

The God Among Men oil has been formulated according to inspired alchemy received by The Seer during a visionary dream. It is designed to imbue the wearer with masculine strength and a clear vision. Limited edition; while supplies last

The Fragrant Bouquet

Containing a sample collection of 10 masculine and 16 feminine fragrances, this set is the perfect way to get to know these world renowned fragrance oils. Finding the oils you love, will be an exciting adventure of exploration to share with loved ones. Leaving behind the artificial fragrances of commercial oils, you will be embarking on a fragrant journey of delicious discoveries.


This majestic fragrance with its blend of deep masculine scents, is regal and self-assured. It’s fragrant sophistication has made it a signature blend chosen by men from around the world.

Healing the Messages of the DNA : God & Goddess Blend Special

For the repair of the masculine and feminine expression as dictated by the messages of the DNA. An Alchemical Oil Special to Support the Healing of the DNA Ceremony, to be held on May 26, 2024; Goddess Blend and Blend of the Gods together, for the price of one, while supplies last.


Sandalwood oil has a distinctive soft, warm, smooth scent. It imparts a long-lasting, woody masculine fragrance men and women are attracted to.

Bedouin of the Night

Blended to perfection to represent the magnetism and sensuality of the masculine, this fragrant oil is seductive and appealing to men and women.

Blend of the Gods

This extraordinary masculine fragrance with its regal qualities, uses the enticing note of the rare Oud— Oil of Sultans, and blends it with the rich spices of Asia and the poignant scent of the orange groves of Seville in Spain. It is truly a precious treasure.

Desert Moon

Designed as an expression of the sensitive masculine qualities of a man who dreams and creates his future with confidence in his abilities to achieve his vision. Strength and sensitivity combine in this fragrance that has deep powerful notes, with subtle overtones.