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The Alchemical oil set for Clearing the 12 Ordinary Meridians

This set consists of twelve fragrance oils (3.5ml each) and a detailed instruction booklet for clearing the twelve ordinary meridians of the body. Emotional trauma creates blockages in the flow of life force along these energetic pathways. This kit will assist you in identifying which meridian is blocked; which acupressure point to apply the related oil to; as well as the optimum hours of the day to treat the respective meridian.

The Alchemical oil set for Clearing the 8 Extraordinary Meridians

This set contains eight oils (3.5ml each), as well as a booklet giving specific instructions for the oils’ use and application. The eight meridians become blocked due to judgement and self-blame emphasizing areas of polarity of existence. This causes cellular tension in the body, that captures energetic resources to sustain itself.

The Birth of Majesty

A powerful oil blend created for her Lightfamily by the Seer! The Birth of Majesty fragrance oil has been alchemically enhanced to alleviate the transitions experienced as an individual evolves into a multi-dimensional being — a time that can be challenging and bewildering. This blend has been specifically created to assist with night terrors, feelings of disorientation and abandonment as well as depression and lack of self-confidence arising from the loss of familiar reference points. The lack of mental clarity that accompanies the evolutionary shifts is also assisted by the use of this spectacular blend.

The Breath of Spring (Wind Element)

This fragrant blend encourages the unencumbered freedom of authentic expression. It balances the wisdom of being true to your heart, with the compassionate consideration of the impact of actions on the Interconnectedness of all life.

The Eternal Mind of the Gods

The incorruptible Eternal Mind of humanity is born of an eternal perspective. It is the result of the evolution of the mental plane of all humankind and the solution to achieving peace on Earth. The alchemy in this phenomenal oil facilitates a shift in perspective that allows you to see your daily life from an empowered position of one living in Eternal time. How to use the alchemical oil: Place a small amount of this precious oil just below the hairline, in the middle, and at the back of the neck.
The labels on the bottles will still say Eternal Mind, but it will contain the new blend The Eternal Mind of the Gods for orders after March 13th 2022.

The Feminine Collection

This delightful selection of 16 feminine oils — enables you to experience the unsurpassed beauty of these exclusive oils. Exploring the delightful variety of feminine oils, is a joyous journey through the rich and varied expressions of a woman. Presented in an elegant pouch, they make a welcome gift, or a useful tool for prospective resellers. (call Ronni at +1-541-272-7730 to discuss resellers options)

The Fountain of Youth

Application: After putting a few drops on the index finger of your left hand, draw a circle on your skin around the navel in a clockwise manner about 3" in diameter. The clockwise motion coupled with the alchemy of the oil connects the wearer with the energy source that sustains the universe.

The Fragrant Bouquet

Containing a sample collection of 10 masculine and 16 feminine fragrances, this set is the perfect way to get to know these world renowned fragrance oils. Finding the oils you love, will be an exciting adventure of exploration to share with loved ones. Leaving behind the artificial fragrances of commercial oils, you will be embarking on a fragrant journey of delicious discoveries.

The Front to Back Axis

This set contains the following four oils:
  • Blue Nile - The Survivor
  • The Peaceful Warrior - The Administrator
  • The Blue Rose - The Shaman
  • The Knight of Jericho - The Disruptor

The Goddess Collection

A collection of alchemically enhanced fragrant oils to awaken the aspects of the goddess within. The thirteen goddess archetypes blends are designed to awaken the goddess within. This brings the deep peace of a balanced life, not only to the individual, but also to the environment.
Please note: The The Goddess Collection sells as 3.5 ml and 18 ml. If you wish to buy a single Goddess Archetype oil, it is sold in an 18 ml size only. Click on the name of the oil in the Description below to visit that individual oil.

The Harmonious Interaction of the Sub-personalities – The Horizontal Axis

This set contains the following four oils:
  • Elixir of the Golden Light - High Mind
  • Distant Horizons - Inner Adventurer
  • Song of the Dove - Inner Babe
  • The Dance in the Moonlight - Wild Woman

The Harmonious Interaction of the Sub-personalities – The Vertical Axis

This set contains the following four oils:
  • Blue Skies – Inner Child
  • Golden Flower – Inner Nurturer
  • Fountain of Life – Inner Sage
  • Liquid Gem – Inner Warrior