Alchemical Healing Oil™

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Product Description

Important: please add a comment (in the checkout comment field) to specify who the order is for, and to indicate the issues. Also indicate current lifestyle choices regarding: diet (vegan, vegetarian, carnivorous), allergies, caffeine, alcohol and other drugs (recreational and/or prescription). Not doing so may result in your oil order being pushed to the end of the queue.

Your Personal Healing Oil*

This is an unprecedented price to launch the personal healing oil Almine will prepare for each individual. The very reduced price is offered as a temporary gift from Almine, under the assumption that because you are committed enough to get better, you are doing your part.

You have to briefly indicate the ailments you want Almine to do the blessing for. She asks that your personal oil be used in conjunction with a vegetarian, or vegan (for severe conditions) or the chronic disease diet for those who have the candida symptoms listed on our Belvaspata website.

Please add your information, plus the name of the person the oil is intended for, as a note to your order.

Size: 18ml

The individualized oil is blessed by Almine, and although not accompanied by a sigil, will have a short message from her included.

From the Diary:

The only present suggestion I can offer is something I haven’t done before: I could blend and bless an individual oil (it would have to be a medium-sized bottle which we’d provide at a discounted price of $60). You would apply this under the feet morning and night, just as long as you are also doing the above suggestions of diet and the green drink. The previous suggestions should help clear the elimination pathways so that anything that is killed off in the body can be gotten rid of. If this is not the case a healing can make someone sicker from the die-off syndrome — also called Hexler syndrome. Please increase your pure water intake.

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Even though I’ve just placed my Alchemical Healing Oil order, I want to thank you for working on me last night. My body was actually moving, to put hips, etc. back into place. It was a little painful at times but my body feels different today… stronger in a way… and a little tired. It has been out of whack since 2010. ~Tina

*Does not constitute medical advice

Please allow 4-6 weeks delivery

How to Apply the Oil

Apply Alchemical Healing oil to the soles of both feet before sleep, (or oil may be applied morning and night). A gentle touch is all that is necessary for application, no acupressure to specific points is required. If you have more than one Alchemical Healing oil from Almine, both may be applied at the same time.


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