The Realms of Innocence


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The alchemical formula for the blend, The Realms of Innocence, is the most complex and detailed yet received for any fragrance’s formula. The purpose and gift of the plant essences and alchemy of this blend, is the enhanced capacity of the extrasensory perceptions to enable self guidance. It is clear from the formula itself, that it facilitates the opening of a gateway between the physical and the magical realms, known as The Realms of Innocence. Although its magical properties can be released to the wearer when worn anywhere on the body, its optimal placement is on the 3rd eye.

Suggestion: This alchemical blend will enhance the results of the self-guidance system of the Elfin Quest card deck.

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2 reviews for The Realms of Innocence

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    There is a tang to this fragrance which is quite delightful and unique: the enticing depth of woodlands with the light effervescence of the cottage garden.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    aclarimel (verified owner)

    It is almost as if I have smelled this scent before, I placed it on my 3rd eye but afterwords I would continue to smell it hours after as if I just applied it, very strongly every here and there.. I felt a little lightheaded.. the big one for me was going outside. I usually never go outside if I do not have to but it was so magical to say the least, it was almost like an excitement in the air. It was so lighthearted and subtle but definitely there.

    I had to open the windows of the car on both sides which I usually don’t do since it’s cold already, but I wanted to feel the air, I wanted to allow room for something. It definitely is the opening of something very special, as I felt grounded and out of this world at the same time.. I am so happy with this product!!

    P.S Thank you for the Children of the Sun CD, absolutely energizing !!!! I love Almines Elixirs, thank you Almine and Team!!

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