Fragrance Alchemy for Your Feminine Subpersonalities (Horizontal)


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Elixir of the Golden Light — High Mind

This blend facilitates the awakening of Eagle Vision — a vital tool of mastery that allows the objectivity of perspective, necessary for seeing the larger context.

Distant Horizons — Inner Adventurer

This blend is designed to stimulate the ability to embrace the unknown and replace the most elementary cause of stagnation: fear of the unknown.

Song of the Dove — Inner Babe

This blend stimulates the return to wholeness by encouraging a deeper connection to the core of the psyche: the Inner Babe.

The Dance in the Moonlight — Wild Woman

The alchemy in this blend, allows the stimulating presence of Wild Woman as a constant companion on our journey of mastery… When repressed, its expression becomes extreme and reactionary.

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Valentine's Day Special

A free Valentine's gift from Almine with every purchase! Available immediately as long as supplies last. Shipped with your order of any oil (including healing oils), you will receive as our gift the exquisite music CD, Children of the Sun.

May your romance with life be rekindled this Valentine's Day and forever, with love and hugs, ~Almine

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2 reviews for Fragrance Alchemy for Your Feminine Subpersonalities (Horizontal)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Denisa (verified owner)

    I cannot get enough of your new fragrance of the Inner Babe. Even when it wears of, the memory of the sense lingers and puts me into ecstasy.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Wayne (verified owner)

    Wonderful set! Thank you Almine! These are truly amazing!

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