Like a beautiful woman or a sought-after car, the true intrinsic value of these oils lies beyond their obvious appeal; beyond their ability to elevate the mood or make an olfactory statement.

Behind the appearances, lies the untapped power of alchemy to promote the spiritual purification of a master. By awakening dormant centers in the body, spiritual abilities increase, emotional balance occurs, and well-being of the body is achieved through the unobstructed flow of life-force.

These exceptional oils prepared by the leading alchemist of our time, have for many years been the powerful tool of wholistic practitioners prepared to go beyond existing paradigms in their quest to facilitate health and well- being for their clients.

Metaphysicians, spiritual seekers and mystics have also availed themselves of the inherent power of these oils. The oils in this category offer instructional information for those who wish to look beyond the appearances.

Although all dis-ease and discomfort in body, mind and soul, are intricately connected, and cannot be segregated, the following functionality of the alchemy in the oils is categorized for convenience.

Instructions for most oil protocols are included. Staff support is available in case of questions.

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This Precious oil is a blend prepared by the Seer to restore individual power through the restoration of innocence and fluidity, enabling magical manifestation and clear guidance for the life of the individual. Oil to be placed two finger widths below the base of the skull, on the back of the neck. One finger width below where the Eternal Mind oil goes.