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Share with the world the profound effects of these Egyptian oils by getting a Reseller Starter Kit.

The Reseller Starter Kit contains all the feminine and masculine fragrances listed below, a full sample set, as well as a pack of personalized business cards.

The Reseller Starter Kit includes the following:

  • Feminine Fragrances (all are 18ml bottles)
    Blue Lagoon, Flower of Saffron, Fuchsia, Gardenia, Goddess Blend, Henna Flower (2x), Jasmine, Lily (2x), Lotus (2x), Magnolia (2x), Narcissus (2x), Neroli, Queen of the Nile, Rose, Secret of Nefertiti and Secret of the Desert (2x)
  • Masculine Fragrances (all are 18ml bottles)
    Arabian Nights, Bedouin of the Night, Blend of the Gods (2x), Desert Moon, Hathor, Luxor, Papyrus, Patchouli, Sandalwood (2x) and Tutankhamun
  • Full Sample Set (2x) (all are 2ml bottles)
    All Masculine and Feminine fragrances
  • Package of Personalized Business cards

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