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Clearing the 8 Extraordinary Meridians
Clearing the 12 Main Meridians of the Body
Godhood DNA Activation (Divinity Quest)
The Healing Protocol that Activates the Intuitive Nature (Elfin Quest)
Establishing a Unified Chakra Field (Sabahut)
Removing Birth Trauma and Other Genetic Memories from the Skull
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The Importance of Clearing the Meridians of the Body

From Entering Godhood by The Seer Almine read transcript below

The accumulated memories burdensome became
From clustered information, blocked meridians came
Eight alchemical oils of which we tell
The eight meridians’ illusions and debris dispel

– From the Ancient Alchemical Texts

Alchemical Healing Oils for Clearing the 8 Extraordinary Meridians

It has long baffled sincere light-seekers that no matter how much self-work they have done, it seems as though old memories keep resurfacing to disrupt their emotional equilibrium.

Memories have been held in the magnetic fields of the body, generated by the 20 meridians of the body, and specifically by the eight extraordinary meridians themselves. The application of the alchemical oils on the meridians’ acupressure points helps to facilitate the release and removal of these blockages that obstruct the flow of life force and eventually cause physical injuries and disease.

Fragrance Alchemy Clearing the 8 Extraordinary Meridians

The Eight Ways in Which Memories are Kept

  1. Cellular Memory: The function has been to place short-term memories into long-term memory patterns. Memories are held in the membrane around the nucleus.
  2. Instinctual Memory: Emergency responses are held in the 3rd chakra.
  3. Racial Memory: Stored in the chakra located a hand’s length into the ground, beneath your feet. Racial memories determine danger assessment.
  4. Membranes between Realities: Held in the psoas muscle. Keeps memories of passages between life, death and ascension and awake and dream states.
  5. Membranes of the eye and optic nerve: Remember what has been seen.
  6. Membranes of the ears: Remember what has been heard.
  7. Taste buds: Remember value judgements of good and bad.
  8. All hair on the skin: Holds memories of extra-sensory experiences; that which happens out of range of perception. The sense of smell never fell into duality Let fragrant oils heal the storage of old memories.

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Alchemical Healing Oils for Clearing the 12 Meridians of the Body

To change the cellular matrix to the higher evolution of expression and activate godhood in the individual, the removal of blockages in the 12 main meridians of the body is essential. The blockages are the origin of memory, linear time, and the negative emotions associated with them. Fragrance, as the one sense that never fell (its frequency remained high), is a key component in providing an effortless solution to blockages caused by separation consciousness, reminding the body of its oneness with Source.



This booklet, which accompanies the set of twelve fragrances for the specific meridians, indicates the acupressure points onto which the oils should be massaged. When treating yourself or another, massage the oil in small clockwise circles. The massaging can be done just for a few seconds, as the primary element is the fragrance on the meridian point, and not the massaging. The bottoms of the feet are the most receptive area for the placement of oils and they can be placed there before bedtime or if the fragrance is not something you wish to be noticed (men may not want to smell of a feminine fragrance). Inside shoes and socks, the fragrances are hardly detectable.

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Divinity Quest DNA Activation

The Chant of the Angel Gods, especially prepared to contain balanced black and white sound, is recommended for this protocol, to cancel out the polarity of the human matrix.

Godhood DNA Activation

  1. With your client in a relaxed state, lying face down, apply the oils with a firm pressure, in a small clockwise circle, onto the acupressure points.
  2. As you treat each point (starting at 1 and proceeding to 65), look at the Eskaragot sigil for that point and call out the name of the corresponding angel.
  3. You may read out the insight if you wish.

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Divinity Quest
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The Healing Protocol that Activates the Intuitive Nature (Elfin Quest)

The person you are treating should lie face down (on a massage bed for instance).

The treatment is enhanced by the optional use of the alchemical oil Garden of Eden.

If you are a health professional, licensed to have your client disrobed so that you can apply the oil down the spine, smooth the oil with your finger from the base of the skull to the base of the spine.

If you are not a licensed health professional; your client can rub a few drops down his or her spine and then put their clothes back on, since the next part of the protocol does not require skin contact.

A drop of oil should also be placed on the front of the 13 main joints; both ankles, both knees, both hip joints, both shoulders (on top where the arm joins the shoulder), both wrists (on the top of the hand), both elbows (on the outside of the arm) and right under the chin where the skull and neck meet above the larynx.

Elfin Quest
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Anointing the body with Alchemical Oils for Sabahut

For establishing a unified chakra field – the integrated field of seven fields of communication
Oud or Blend of the Gods
The Lion of Judah
Fuchsia or Goddess Blend


The Prayer

Keresech isatvi vivas esekle. Hubavit anas eresta kerchsata, virevesbi asanat.
Kiharastu visaves erekve esklatvi usalanesvi herehat.
Let the seven seals be opened. Let old memories dissolve and the gates open wide.
In cooperative oneness, let a field of communication be established.

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Interdimensional Communication (ft. Sabahut)
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Removing Birth Trauma and Other Genetic Memories from the Skull

To remove birth trauma and other genetic memories from the skull, apply one drop of Rose Oil on each of the 13 points on the face and head. As you apply the oil, either look at the relevant sigil for that point, or run your index finger from left to right over the sigil. You may use the index finger of either hand.

Removing Birth Trauma

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Meridians and Distorted Emotions (Lung, Large Intestine, Stomach)

From Entering Godhood (Day 16) by The Seer Almine

“I would like to explain the differences between the distorted emotions. For example of grief versus sadness, versus pain, so that we can exactly understand which meridian is involved, with these distorted emotions. The reason that this is so very important, is that in the god kingdom, there is an additional eight meridians, that are used and should properly flow. And these cannot be activated until the twelve meridians are fully functional and clear of all these old memories that cause these distortions. The reason for this is that when a meridian has areas of blockage, that actually holds memory, and memory creates linear time. The god kingdom goes into exponential time, and also lives from the timelessness of the true god essence of each being. So these meridians, bringing them into full functioning, serves a vital purpose to start to elevate the reality, into a higher level of existence.”

Lung Meridian: Neroli

“So the first one is the distortions that start to indicate that the Lung meridian is blocked, and Neroli is the oil that must be placed on the acupressure points for the Lung meridian, that should be given with this course as a hand-out or a download. And so the Lung meridian’s first and primary distorted emotion is grief. Grief is different than pain or sadness; grief is something that is age-old pain that nothing will change. Because pain is in fact the desire to retreat from something. If we believe that nothing can evolve into a better way of existing, then grief is present. And grief is age-old and it has other components with it – components of hopelessness. We find also that grief is a pain that is so big that it feels that you can never get over it. You can feel the damage that makes you feel like a plant that has had its stem broken. It is a heart-breaking considerable reservoir of pain.”

“Intolerance, and frustration. Intolerance and frustration often comes from lack of patience, and a lack of poise. When intolerance is present, there is usually a very enlightened being, or a very arrogant being also present. So let’s take a look at intolerance from the light-worker’s perspective. On a graph, most of the population fill the middle of the graph, and then there are some on one end and some on the other end of the graph, and those are the ones that are below the average, and beyond the average. Light-workers are beyond the average of consciousness, awareness, clarity, perception and hence compassion, so it is for them extremely difficult to live amongst masses, who from their perspective live in mediocre perception; mediocrity, emptiness of head, dysfunctionality that is never going to be healed because there is no self-work. So for them it is particularly problematic to not be intolerant of their fellow man. Frustration comes when we see others respond over and over and over in the same dysfunctional way. It makes one feel as though you just want to vent, “can they not understand? Do they not get it? How inconsiderate is it of people not to basically take the time to be clear? To basically take the time to look if they may have any part of the problem within themselves? No self-responsibility.” All these things cause frustration. Intolerance and frustration jointly, require the perception that there are multiple instruments playing as back-up in the orchestra, not just the dominant instruments of the soloists; that it is okay for some notes not to be playing at all. So we are in a situation where intolerance and frustration comes from not recognizing the value of diverse levels of consciousness and capacity. It does not mean that we have to live with that which makes us uncomfortable. What it means is that eventually we may have to weigh whether discomfort outweighs the benefits, but it does mean that even as we say “no, this is not my reality, I’m moving on,” that it is done with respect for the old that we leave behind as valid, but just not valid for us.”

“Bitterness. Bitterness comes from victimhood, feeling that we are always the victim of such and such a consequence. If that is the case, we are still doing what causes that consequence over and over again, and so the consequence happens over and over again, and then we feel bitter about it. “How can this always happen to me?” This is something that needs to be looked at within, but when the Lung meridian is blocked, it holds it all inside.”

Large Intestine: Jasmine

“The next one is the Large Intestine meridian, and please note that we give you optimum healing times, it does not mean that it cannot be done in the rest of the day, it just means at these times, these meridians are the most receptive. Blocked meridians are blocked by old memories, so it is vital to get these unblocked. This one uses Jasmine, and the first of the distortions that indicate that this is something that someone needs is guilt. We live in a matrix that we are now just leaving. But for eons we have lived in a matrix in which there is ascension of light during a descension of frequency, and then an ascension of frequency during a descension of light. We are in a position where we can either see clearly or we can feel strongly. When we feel strongly we just cannot see clearly, particularly because perception yields emotion; those strong emotions are often not clear. So even the guidance of our heart becomes distorted, because it is devoid of its perception. We cannot blame ourselves for the way that the cycles have been, which is part of the Infinite’s design, and so therefore we made mistakes. The mistakes we’ve made have often been our strengthening system, our guidance system, to tell us “wait a minute, everything has gone wrong right up front.” If it isn’t something that you’re doing, please look at it, it is indicating to you that you are going the wrong direction. We no longer want to go where we are bumped into the direction of the dance, we want to go where our next inspiration lies. So guilt comes from not having seen clearly, making mistakes, of having acted cruelly to someone, when perception said you need to get out of here, and you look back and you wish you could have done it differently, but your feeling, your emotions were very low. And so the compassionate way in which you did it would be lacking, even though you might have had great perception. And retrospectively, you can usually see the value of why you made certain decisions. So guilt needs to be let go of, with the understanding that there is simply not any chance of a mistake. The Infinite unfolds its Cosmos with absolute perfection.”

“Disappointment. Disappointment only comes when we have an agenda, when we have not learned to love without pain, indiscriminately, because we want nothing back; we find ourselves in love disappointments. If we expect certain reactions from people that we don’t get, disappointment. Our actions have to be free from agenda. We go where our inspiration leads us.”

“Remorse. Now what is the difference between remorse and guilt? Remorse is different than guilt. Remorse has this self-punishing component about it, it stings. They are the parts of your life you don’t even want to look at. Guilt you can still handle by looking back and saying “if only,” which incidentally, makes karma, but remorse, it stings and you don’t even want to look at it.”

“Opposition to change. Everybody says they want to change. We have bitterness as in the Lung meridian, disappointment as in the Large Intestine meridian, when we have the desire for life to change without changing ourselves. If a pattern persists that we don’t like, the only way to get out of it is to change the self. Why? Because it is showing where there are areas of our life that lack inspiration. Look at the love disappointments of your life. If you have had some, just look at how different your life would have been if you had been for the last ten years with that person. The mediocrity that might have resulted, the things you would have missed, just look at that. Yet, people look back with remorse and feel sorry about it. Opposition to change will in fact result in disappointment over and over again. That is how these negative emotions of the Large Intestine meridian are connected.”

Stomach: Sandalwood

“The next one is Sandalwood for the Stomach meridian. Sandalwood and the optimum time to apply it to the acupressure points is during 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. If you have disgust, greed, shame or blame, you will know that this is the one that you need.”

“Disgust is when you are disgusted by the conduct of others. Disgust usually finds its origins in areas of your own life that you do not accept. So greed, is not just greed for money, it can be greed for many things; greed for attention, greed for ‘fix me, fix me, heal me, heal me’, for nurturing. So where are the areas where there is neediness in your life, because neediness is the root of greed.”

“Shame. Shame comes from when we believe that we have acted from less than our highest potential. Our highest potential today, is not the highest potential of yesterday. If we but understand this, then shame can just dissolve like mist before the morning sun. When we feel that our conduct has been falling short of the desired level, we blame others, to make them feel inferior, or to make us feel that they are inferior, and therefore what we did cannot be possibly that bad, just look at all the other things people are doing. Blame creates the shame of others, and shaming, by ourselves, creates blaming of others.”